SALE: Missoula --Monfuckintana Bear Skull


Celebrating the Missoula area Statriot calls home. Printed on black American Apparel t shirts. The idea behind this shirt, which says "MSLA -- MFT" and has a wrought iron gate (sybolizing Hellgate Canyon) and a a grizzly skull is a celebration of Missoula, Monfuckintana.

Note that some of these actually say the words "Missoula, Monfuckintana" and others only say "MSLA-MFT".

Unisex are on 100% cotton. Women's on cotton poly blend.


  • Unisex Small (Only "MSLA-MFT") - 100% in stock
  • Unisex Small (Says "MSLA-MFT, Missoula, Monfuckintana") - 100% in stock
  • Women's Medium (Only "MSLA-MFT") - 50% in stock
  • Women's Large (Says "MSLA-MFT, Missoula, Monfuckintana") - 50% in stock
  • Women's Large (Only "MSLA-MFT") - 100% in stock