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Wild Hentana


Everybody knows that if Ben Franklin had gotten his way, the wild turkey would’ve been the national symbol of the U.S. Think of that! What would’ve been different about the past 225 or so years with a gobbler as our mascot? Wait, you didn’t know that? Did you know that Kitt Kourage is allergic (he thinks) to turkeys?

The inspiration for this shirt comes from one our big inspirations, Aimee McQ., Betty’s Divine’s owner. Aimee’s shop sells more Statriot gear than anywhere, and we’d wanted to do a new design specifically with Betty’s in mind. When asked, Aimee said she’d just become a acquainted with a gaggle of wild turkeys somewhere in her backyard or driveway, and had started researching these fascinating things. They’re smart, resilient and they sleep in trees. While not maybe typically what you think of when you think of ‘ma natures most beautiful creations, there’s a certain rugged, glorious beauty in a turkey, sort of like Fay Dunaway in Barfly or something.

This design comes via Kari Workman, a Missoula artist whose work can be seen here:

Interesting fact: In Blackfoot, turkeys are called ómahksipi'kssíí, meaning “big bird”.

Colors-wise, the women's shirt comes in Apricot and the men's in Cream, these are printed on 100% cotton American-made American Apparel shirts.

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