Atypical Muley: High Wide & Handsome

$26.00 - $28.00

Buck Mule deer, common to the drier, more open country east of the continental divide come in two kinds: typical and atypical, or "non-typical." The basic deal is you've either got antlers that are mirror images of the other, or like this, totally wild and different from the other. The atypical in our experience is much less common. You'll need to look elsewhere for expertise on the subject, but we at Statriot have always been fans of the less symmetrical, the less perfect in everything. And thus this design here, the Atypical Muley. Released in late summer 2013, this design features a collaboration between Missoula artist Kari Workman and the Statriot team. Kari drew the deer, we laid out the type, messed around with the state outline and picked the colors.

Printed on American Apparel 50/50 cotton-poly blend, Heather Lake Blue shirts in Montana, U.S.