High, Wide and Handsome Grizzly

$26.00 - $28.00

Ursus Horribilis strikes fear into about 98% of us, even if we know that having large hungry predators out there help ol' ma nature strike a precarious balance. The grizzly's one of those characteristic things Montana's known for, and if you've ever seen on in the wild, you know they're a sight to behold; big, fast and powerful. This design honors more of our state's charismatic megafauna. Kari Workman again helped us with this new design, and the folks at Garage Ts printed them up, here in Montana. The shirt is a 50/50 cotton poly Bella Canvas, and is ultra-soft.

Limited run alert: we just did a special run of these on the (darker) heather deep teal (blue) of our Majestic Monfuckintana shirt fame on uni Large and XL, these won't be re-printed, and quantities are limited to the stock listed here.

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